Blue Knights® International Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club

Where is your Chapter located?

Florida XII is located in Brevard County, Florida nicknamed the Space Coast since Kennedy Space Center is in our County. We are 40 stong in membership and we attract members from the entire County. We are called "FL XII, the Space Coast Chapter." 

If our entire Chapter wanted to order items, is there a discount?

Yes, e-mail at: and certainly we can look into saving your Chapter some money in a group sale.  

How often do we ride?

As often as possible.  We have both active and retired officers so we try to accommondate all members' schedules.  Those that can't join in during the week have the opportunity to ride during the weekends.  Any member can request a ride to any place of their desire.  We put it out on an e-mail and members respond if they can make it.  

How do I order merchandise from your Chapter?

In the Website go to Chapter Store, click on and order as much as you want.  Shipping is free to the 50 States and APO's. Out of the US territory just e-mail me at, tell me what you want to purchase and your location and I'll e-mail you back instructions. Easy as 1,2,3.

Is there a charge for shipping Chapter Merchandise?

Free in the 50 states and any APO with a minumum order of $100.00.   With the financial incident that took place under the current Boards watch, the International Board of Goveners decided to make up some of the lose by raising the licensing fees for the items each Club sells. The International Board Board of Goveners raised our Club fee at an increase of 800%.  Yes 800%.  Rather than increasing our prices, we just increased the minimum order to $100.00 for free shipping.  

Out of the USA e-mail me at, tell me what you want to purchase, your location and I'll e-mail you back the price.

How long after ordering the merchandise will I get it?

I review my orders everyday.  Unless I'm on vacation, the order goes out that day or the very next.  You want it, You buy it, you want it now, I send it, no delay.